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We Love Gibbs! - Adam H. - Strongsville, OH

Adam H

Love country mom and pop stores?! Gibbs is a very quaint little meat store in the   small town of Columbia Station, Ohio. It is decorated with county paraphernalia like wagon wheels and farm tools! It is actually an old mill that was converted to a   butcher block. It has tons of history and a real down to earth look and feel. They are a local favorite but gaining popularity due to their excellent meat offerings!

They have the best sausages I have ever had in my entire life. The chicken sausages and literally fat less and just rock! Even the pork and beef sausages are very lean and the flavors are endless. I had Conway's Irish Ale sausage and chicken broccoli sausage last night! There are so many flavors and they change them seasonally too. They also have seafood, beef, and all sorts of other goodies. Their BBQ and other sauces take up a whole wall and they offer many local sauces and concoctions! Just a really cool store!

GIbbs is the Best! - Brian C - Lakewood, OH

Brian C

I have now been to Gibb's three times and deciding which sausages to get doesn't get any easier. I dare you to go to their web-site and check out their list of sausage flavors and then not travel all the way out there to try some of them. I usually buy two different types of sausage each time and I have not been disappointed in any of them.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the West Side Market for lunch and decided to get some sausages for dinner. I looked at the selection and began to think of the selection at Gibb's and had sausage envy. So, I went home and grabbed my dog and took him for a ride through the Metro Parks down to Gibb's and got some delicious Reuben sausage and some Maryland crabcake sausage. I was tempted by the black and bleu sausage (Guinness and blue cheese) but I am not a huge beer fan. I also grabbed a couple of $2 steaks. My favorite sausages so far are the huevos rancheros sausage and the honey habanero sausage.