Allow Gibbs Butcher Block to be the choice for your next event! Gibbs can customize a menu for any and all special events while using the freshest of ingredients every time! With our gourmet party trays, fresh fruit bowls, and a wide variety of top of the line specialty sausages; we guarantee your guests will not be disappointed!

For all your events and specialty orders, we ask that you call at least three days in advance to provide sufficient time to prepare the party trays or your specialty order. Custom trays are available upon request as well.To get more information on catered events or specialty orders please call 440-235-2766 or 800-646-BEEF!

Please see the details for our special orders below.


Our delicious bone-in prime rib roast can be ordered anytime! Our certified Angus Beef Rib Roasts are incredible! We cut them to size and even cut and tie the bones for easy carving after cooking. This unbelievable roast is seasoned with a dry vegetable seasoning that has become extremely popular. These are most popular for holidays like Christmas, New Year's or any kind of celebration.

**Cooking instructions are also available

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We will start taking Thanksgiving turkey orders at the beginning of November! Please stop in or call to place your orders.

Raised on a family farm since 1950, committed to quality, integrity, value and excellence

Our turkeys are grown naturally in the open air and sunshine, roaming freely and exercising to their hearts content! They are fed the finest vitamins, minerals and grains, resulting in superior flavor and tenderness. They are raised without using growth-enhancing antibiotics. Our turkeys are high in protein and low in fat-a healthy alternative for your diet! Each is prepared by hand and carefully inspected by our staff and U.S.D.A. officials.

**Our Fresh Bowman & Landes Turkey is a special order ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS and must be pre-ordered.


Our to-die-for Dearborn Spiral Sliced Hams are available year round. Each is fully cooked with an extra packet of glaze for re-heating.

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Gibbs Special Order Meats
  • Gibbs Rib Roasts

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  • Albright Fresh Turkey

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  • Dearborn Sliced Ham

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